Tateworld Toyshop Minecraft Map

Tateworld Toyshop Minecraft Map

Map is 1.8.3+ only DO NOT attempt to play this map in earlier versions of minecraft.

The toyshop is a POP Art mixed media work of Art that uses real toys, doors and windows.

The window has been meticulously recreated in  Minecraft by Artisan Builders Featherblade and Kupo… with Additional builds by me, Farrahs, Blockworks and Adrian Brightmoore.

Voice narration of the custom Disc’s was done by Stampylonghead

Bringing Art to life through Minecraft is the original brain child of Adam Clarke a.k.a thecommonpeople a.k.a Wizard Keen

More info can be found on the Tate Website

Gameplay: Imagine a race for wool type game crossed with a Ant-farm type game crossed with multiplayer survival and you have a beginning of an understanding what the gameplay is like.

1. Single player or Multiplayer team based game.
2. Collect the badges by completing challenges and tasks
3. Zoom around using your grapplinghook
4. Custom textures and food
5. Mine, Build, Farm… survive in a toyshop
6. Cake grows on trees ;-)
7. Wearing complete set of armour gives you superpowers



Bugs? (Only submit bugs found in Minecraft 1.8.3 and up)