Chutney Boerewors

2kg Beef
600g  Pork
400g raw Bacon Bits with fat

45g (3tb) boerewors spice (1tb per kg meat)
6tb Vinegar
45g (3tb) Water
7tb Chutney
3tb milk chocolate

Sausage Skins
23 mm Collagen Sausage Casings <Amazon Link>

1. Cut beef, pork and bacon bits into chunks and mix well

2. Grind the mixture with a coarse grinding plate

3. Mix all dry and wet ingredients and then add to meat and mix well

4. Grind mixture again with a coarse grinding plate.

5.  (Optional) Make 1 or 2  tiny hamburger patties and fry on stove to taste the final result. Add spice to taste if needed. Repeat until desired tase

6. Stuff sausages in your desired sausage skins, I prefer Bovine Collagen Casings.

7.  Cook and enjoy with a cold beer.