CNET – Mind Craft Article

CNET – Mind Craft Article

“It will be a quick chat about Minecraft” is what the PR agency said…

But then me and  started chatting and somehow it turned into an hour or more.

It was late at night or early in the morning… like really early, it gets difficult dealing with people from incompatible time zones. However the conversation was exciting and the energy high, almost like i had another redbull, but I had not due to the late / earliness of the call and the need to still go to sleep.

Anyway, we spoke and shared ideas and I saw it as a great conversation. Now this was many months ago and the conversation completely slipped my mind.

Then a few days ago I get an email from Stephen, letting me know that the article was in Print. He very kindly mailed me a copy to my home address!

I had a very small mention, and thats OK, I never really go out for the “Fame” or “Credit” I just REALLLYY love talking about Minecraft and using games in Education.

You can read the full article here: Mind Craft: Helping Students Learn

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