How to make a Command Block Shop in Vanilla Minecraft – YouTube


Schematic Download: {filelink=7}

I am not a fan of plugins and have been trying to do everything as vanilla as possible. After a conversation with one of the players on my server. I started working on a few ideas for a 100% vanilla Minecraft store.

I used XP as currency. The command blocks checks a person’s XP level to determine if they can afford an item and if they can, the command block gives them the item and another block removes the XP.

Here is the code for the item: give @p[x=116,y=122,z=232,r=4,lm=50] 302 1

Its important to note the use of ‘lm’ to determine minimum XP amount.

Here is the code to remove XP: xp -50l @p[x=116,y=122,z=232,r=4,lm=50]
You can download the schematic here:

You will need to change all the co-ordinates to match yours
Please do a video response and the best ones ill approve.

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