Last man standing in Candyland. Minecraft PVP Map by Dragnoz – YouTube

Last man standing in Candyland. Minecraft PVP Map by Dragnoz – YouTube.

Will you be the last man standing? A PVP map of survival with player detection traps, hostile custom mobs. Teleport you opponents to candyland and watch them die by the hands of the candymen. But beware, if they survive they can teleport everyone on the map back into candyland.

Uses the latest scoreboard features including displaying your health and team functions.

Random weapon and potion drops when you click on any button found in the game… but be warned.. not all random drops are friendly

Map is for Minecraft 13w05b or higher.

Download the map:

All players start out with the same score, when you kill a player your score goes up. When you die, your score goes down. when you reach ‘0’ you are out of the game.

The winner is the last man standing with a positive score. There can only be one winner.

How to start the game:
1. One player is gamemaster and needs to be in creative mode to TP the players from the spectator area to the game start area.
2. A player stands on the golden blocks in the spectator area and the Gamemaster TP’s them up.
3. Players select a coloured building and enters.
4. The Gamemaster then starts the game.

Weapons, Potions and TP.
1. Click on any button in the game to get a random drop, from blindness potions, creepers, swords, bows to strength potions and armour.
2. In the center tower is a redstonelamp clicking on it will TP a random player into the candyland below. But be warned, you might end up being the one teleported.
3. In candyland is a red and a green teleport. The red teleport, teleports ALL players on the map into candyland. The green teleports you to safety.

Winning the game
Kill your enemies in anyway you can, drop them into candyland, blow them up with
creepers etc. The last person with a positive score is the winner.

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