Run of the Damned Map Beta Test – YouTube

Run of the Damned Map Beta Test – YouTube

The beta test of “Run of the Damned- a temple run map” went quite well last night with just  2 major issue to address.

1- non running players ending on the track causing checkpoints to spazz out

2 – Spamming the run button locking everyone out from running.

Next I will add the shop where you can buy +3 seconds potions, speed potions and jump potions.

a few more landscape details will be added and im going to “try” to get multiplayer working… but thats a bit tricky and the results a bit unpredictable.. however this could actually be beneficial to multiplayer experience.

So far the difficulty seems to be fine and the learning curve not to steep.

Next is to actually trying to figure out how much track there actually is.

Run of the Damned Map Beta Test – YouTube.

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