Sosatie Boerewors

2kg Beef
1kg Pork
200 g raw Bacon Bits with fat

45g (3tb) boerewors spice (1tb per kg meat)
6tb Vinegar
45g (3tb) Water
4 tb  Sherry
2 tb  Curry Powder
10 ml (2 ts) Ginger spice
2 ts Tumeric
15ml (1 tb) Brown Sugar

Sausage Skins
23 mm Collagen Sausage Casings <Amazon Link>

1. Cut beef, pork and bacon bits into chunks and mix well

2. Grind the mixture with a coarse grinding plate

3. Mix all dry and wet ingredients and then add to meat and mix well

4. Grind mixture again with a coarse grinding plate.

5.  (Optional) Make 1 or 2  tiny hamburger patties and fry on stove to taste the final result. Add spice to taste if needed. Repeat until desired tase

6. Stuff sausages in your desired sausage skins, I prefer Bovine Collagen Casings.

7.  Cook and enjoy with a cold beer.